dermani MEDSPA® Franchising


Clinics will be required to operate under the license of a medical doctor who will act as the medical director for the clinic. Accordingly, the franchise would be attractive to a variety of candidates but might best be suited for a licensed professional such as an aesthetician, a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, general practitioner, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. The dermani MEDSPA® franchise may also work for someone with a good business acumen, operations experience, and someone who could build a good team of estheticians.

Franchisees receive initial and ongoing training, as well as refresher training per year, national business meetings or annual conventions, as well as remote support via phone, email. We offer assistance with site selection and build-out, clinic design assistance, and consultation. For new franchisees, assistance in planning and ordering initial inventories from national suppliers is provided, as well as ongoing efforts to negotiate favorable payment terms with suppliers to the system. The dermani MEDSPA® team provides grand opening marketing and promotion guidance and support, a confidential Operations Manual, sales and marketing programs and materials that will assist in the promotion of the business.

Based upon our experience in establishing dermani MEDSPA®s in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area, the total estimated initial investment necessary to begin operations ranges from $231,281 to $531,126 for a single start-up location. This estimate includes a $49,500 initial franchise fee. As with any new venture, it’s important to have adequate capital to fund the initial business growth stages. Please review Item 7 of our 2021 FDD for additional information and details regarding the estimated initial investment for a dermani MEDSPA® franchise.

No. We do not provide direct financing to franchisees, but we may refer to financing sources on a case by case basis.

As with any business, your revenue and profits will depend in part on your skill and effort as a businessperson, and as a leader of your dermani MEDSPA® and your employees. For some perspective on this, our 2021 FDD includes historical results from our company-owned dermani MEDSPA®s. Our 2021 FDD includes 12-month trailing Gross Revenues and Net Operating Profit as of December 31, 2020 for our six company owned locations that were open for more than 12 months as of December 31 2020. These six locations had Gross Revenues (as defined in Item 19 of our FDD) that ranged from a high of $1,556,774.71 to a low of $619,436.66, and Net Operating Profits (as defined in Item 19 of our FDD) that ranged from a high of $156,082.16 to a low of $5,651.46. As noted in Item 19 of our FDD, some of the figures that were used to calculate these amounts were adjusted to reflect what a franchise owner could potentially expect.

Please see Item 19 of our 2021 FDD for additional important information and details. In any event, you should also conduct an independent investigation of the costs and expenses you will incur in managing your dermani MEDSPA®.

The initial term of your agreement is ten years, with two subsequent successor agreement options of five years each.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to open a dermani MEDSPA® franchise, fill out our online form, contact us at 877-337-6264 or email to discuss the possibility of setting up a meeting, speaking with our key management staff, and receiving our FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which contains important details that you’ll need in order to make an informed decision about owning and operating your own dermani MEDSPA® franchise.

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